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Specialty Groups

There are different specialty groups within our Core membership. Here is where it starts to get exciting…

Specialty Groups in our Core Membership

All Core members get to participate in our BeExChange program. In our BeMedicine model, you get access to the Professionals (or Pollinators as we call them) and their incredible expertise, discounts and ever-evolving care. If you're a parent, you'll want to sign up for the BeCooperative & BeYOUth groups. The Mycelium Network group supports healthy exploration of plant and psychedelic medicines.

BeMedicineno monthly donation

Our BeMedicine professionals are hand-picked, come highly recommended, and are invited to join. They are a variety of high-vibrational care providers, body workers, doctors, and therapists on their own paths of evolution, here to bring through the higher spiritual, therapeutic, and healing technologies to help us arise.


Our BeMedicine model is next-level, conscious medicine, reclaiming what it means to be medicinal. Individual and community medicine. Services include naturopathy, massage, ancestral and womb clearing, quantum healing, DNA activations, reclamation work, guidance on entheogenic therapies, and somatic work.


BeMedicine pollinators tend to our Seed and Core members in a way they could not in the old paradigm of productivity, constraints, turf, and limitations of thinking. We ALL are freer in this emergent model to embody our purest self and offer our highest gifts.


Start by booking an initial consultation with Dr. April Bolding to set up a care plan that surrounds you with a hand-picked group of healers, providers, and members to help you get further along on your healing and awakening path.

BeExChange  no monthly donation

  • ExChange care, time, tasks, childcare, bodywork, services.  This enlivens the Gift Economy that will ease our financial stress.

  • What is your side hustle?  Or soul hustle?  What is it that you want to be doing?  This is a place where you can transition into doing what makes you feel alive, on purpose, on mission.  A place for you to spread your wings.

  • Connect with our task force.  Do you have tasks that need to be done around the house like cleaning, weeding and gardening?  Tasks of shopping, picking up/delivering things, taking things to Goodwill?   Get energized by enlisting some of our members to help you get the things you need to get done.

Mycelium Network — currently no monthly donation

  • Facilitated monthly gatherings to explore the topic of plant and psychedelic medicines and their therapeutic, re-creational, and healing effects.

  • Private, non-recorded, virtual gatherings with encouragement to ask questions, explore, and reflect.

  • Preparation and integration are golden keys to any journey work. This is a space to share and process within a supportive circle.

  • Only Core members are invited to this group. The annual dues act as a firewall to keep this group contained and private. There is no buying/selling going on. Nothing sketchy is tolerated.

“No hands but our hands will lead our children.” 


This is a quote from Ayla Nereo’s song “From the Ground Up.” You could say this is one of ABeHive’s theme songs. We are here to create a new way for the children coming into this new era. We don’t quite know how that will look — but we’re here, listening, and letting that new way move through us.

BeCooperative & BeYOUth Groups — currently no monthly donation

  • These groups are only open to parents or guardians of children and those who have specific skills in education, childcare, etc., to support these parents.  

  • Your Core membership gives you access to both groups to cover the age spectrum of your children. See below for the details of each group.

  • Your annual dues serve as a fire wall to keep your children's information more private and contained within these groups. It also helps us curate content and invite guest presenters to the monthly gatherings.

  • Both groups provide a pool of parents that can coordinate in-person gatherings and activities as they'd like. There will be combined monthly gathering until it makes sense to separate them.


  • This group supports parents of children ages 0–5 years.  

  • Monthly virtual gatherings to collaborate on childcare exchange and options, resources, education, and activities.

  • This is a place to create the upgrades you'd like to see made in this post-birth and early-parenting stage.


  • This group supports parents of children ages 5–18 years.

  • Monthly virtual gatherings to collaborate on holistic education options, childcare exchange, resources, and activities.

  • This is a place to vision, create, and put support structures around upgrading the education our young ones need in these times.

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