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Purple Flowers

Flower Membership

There are so many benefits when a soulful group of people gather together to lift each other up and see each other through.

Core Membership & Benefits


Community. Someone to call. Health. Healing. Discounts. Babysitting. Bodywork. Gardening. Food sovereignty. Privacy. Skill shares. Instant access to our community through the Mighty Networks app on your phone. Laughing. Exploration and integration of plant medicine experiences. Regular virtual and in-person gatherings. Freedom from public regulations and mandates. A space to co-create what WE want to see in the world in accordance with our hearts and ABeHive's mission. Safety net. Expanding currency and exchange options to weather the global financial shifts. Sovereignty. A new way.

What a Core membership won’t do: This new way of being must be visioned and acted upon to make it come alive. It is not prewritten. It is yours to dream it and then build it — from the ground up. It will take your hands, heart, healing, compassion, and willingness to show up, learn, collaborate, and act. We know you’re tired. We all are. But this is the hour that we must trust in our inner urgency and drive to make things right. Infinitely better. For us and for the generations to come. The new dawn is assured.


Children & Partners

  • Your membership includes your children ages 0-18.  Just add them when you sign up.

  • If your partner is aligned with this path, we would love for them to sign up too.  To honor each person's individual timeline, we only offer individual adult memberships.  It is a sovereign choice to join and only you know if it's right for you.

Flower Membership


Our Flower members thrive in the cross-pollination from our high-level pollinators. Our BeMedicine model of care is the origin point of ABeHive, and sets the high-vibration, buzzing environment that allows us to assist each other through this era shift. Our Flowers are inspiring, diverse, interactive, and populating the new earth. The BeExChange model allows us to explore how to exchange goods, services, childcare, education, and skills in a way that brings us into more of a donation-based Gift Economy. This keeps us safe and thriving through global economic shifts while focusing our energy on a new way. We are the ones we've been waiting for.

Join to receive:

  • Access to our private Mighty Networks group through an app

  • Access to BeMedicine & Pollinator practitioners + directory

  • Access to BeExChange of services and goods between members

  • Monthly gatherings and special events

  • Parents with kids (0–5 yo) can join the BeCooperative group

  • Parents with kids (6–18 yo) can join the BeYOUth group

  • Option to join Mycelium Network group

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