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Basic Seed Membership

If you'd like to receive services from any ABeHive's providers, we'll need this basic membership application on file. It’s free, takes only a few minutes, and requires no more effort on your part.

Basic Seed Membership


We start as seeds. No cost. No entanglement. Nothing hidden. When you return your signed application, you are officially an active Seed member of ABeHive. This makes you eligible to receive care, products, and services that are only available in our private network. There is containment here; no commitment to do anything more. Seeds have limited-to-no access to our wider community. If you desire more access and it aligns with you, consider a Core membership. Applying takes a few minutes.


In this application:


  • You share some basic info about you and we share some info about us.  

  • You sign a consent for care and liability release that covers you if you see any of our members for services and care. This means you'll deal with less paperwork with every ABeHive provider.

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