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Pollinator Membership

Pollinators are essential for regulating ecosystems, supporting food production, habitats, natural resources and biodiversity.

Core Membership & Benefits


Community. Someone to call. Health. Healing. Discounts. Babysitting. Bodywork. Gardening. Food sovereignty. Privacy. Skill shares. Instant access to our community through the Mighty Networks app on your phone. Laughing. Exploration and integration of plant medicine experiences. Regular virtual and in-person gatherings. Freedom from public regulations and mandates. A space to co-create what WE want to see in the world in accordance with your heart and ABeHive's mission. Safety net. Expanding currency and exchange options to weather the global financial shifts. Sovereignty. A new way.

What a Core membership won’t do: This new way of being must be visioned and acted upon to make it come alive. It is not prewritten. It is yours to dream it and then build it — from the ground up. It will take your hands, heart, healing, compassion, and willingness to show up, learn, collaborate, and act. We know you’re tired. We all are. But this is the hour that we must trust in our inner urgency and drive to make things right. Infinitely better. For us and for the generations to come. The new dawn is assured.


Children & Partners

  • Your membership includes your children ages 0-18.  Just add them when you sign up.

  • If your partner is aligned with this path, we would love for them to sign up too.  To honor each person's individual timeline, we only offer individual adult memberships.  It is a sovereign choice to join and only you know if it's right for you.

Pollinator Membership

We practitioners, service and care providers finally have a space to step fully into our medicine work, and refine and expand our offerings in our own time and way, so we can evolve out of the inherited distorted structures of productivity, institutionalized control, and dictates of what we can and cannot do. We hereby reclaim our sovereign power and right to provide conscious care and service to all who seek it within the private sector. We are committed to learn, grow, transform, and share so that all who receive our offerings will be catalyzed into their highest and send reverberations of health and pure love onto this planet. We are the Pollinators of the new earth.

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Pollinator Membership Benefits

Access to all ABeHive community, offerings, discounts PLUS:

  • Promotion of your business with bio & link on the website

  • Referral generation for local, regional & national clients

  • BeVersity continuing ed shares through Mighty Networks app

  • Invitation to Pollinator gatherings, circles & events

  • Opportunities to engage members in our Mighty Networks community

  • You do not have to pay taxes on currencies and services exchanged within ABeHive's private membership structure. This can support you to offer discounts when members need it. 

  • Putting two feet on this new path materializes the new way into being. We may not see the totality of what this means right away, but there are many of us in the Hive with expanded perception and abilities that can help fill in some gaps. We are bringing back a healthy interdependence to support each other through.

BeMedicine Care

  • Only our Core members (Flowers & Pollinators) get access to our growing Pollinator and BeMedicine directory of high level practitioners.

  • Get a BeMedicine consultation with founder Dr. April Bolding to identify your goals for healing & ascension to get a custom honeycomb template of professionals and community members to surround and support you the achievement of those goals.

  • You've already signed your Consent for Care and Liability release to receive care or exchange services so you're already covered to see anyone. 

  • Responsive Medical Team — we plan on organizing a team of qualified professionals that could assist with any emergent questions or urgent care needs. This would be provided at a reasonable cost and could save you hundreds of dollars from an ER visit.  

Connection to Your Local Community

  • Our private Mighty Networks group connects you to all our Core members. This app is on your phone and can be accessed anytime.  

  • Direct message other members privately to connect, learn more, ask about their services or offer yours.

  • Connect with other parents, people who offer childcare, people who want to cultivate more holistic education solutions.

Financial Benefits

  • Every donation you make to ABeHive, including your annual dues, is tax-deductible.

  • Exchange of currency in the private domain is your business — not the government's. You do not have to pay taxes on them in any way. It's a private person to person exchange, protected by our Constitution and declared in our founding documents. That is a 33% pay increase that you receive doing business within our Hive.


  • ExChange care, time, tasks, childcare, bodywork, services. This enlivens the Gift Economy that will ease our financial stress.

  • Connect with our task force. Do you have tasks that need to be done around the house like cleaning, weeding and gardening? Tasks of shopping, picking up/delivering things, taking things to Goodwill? Get energized by enlisting some of our members to help you get the things you need to get done.

Childcare & Child Education Opportunities

  • This is a network that will start to form as we gather and invite more thoughtful people into our Hive. Let's be extremely discerning who we recommend and invite.

  • As a Core member, you are protected within the private domain. This way, we do not have to follow any public mandates about how we exchange childcare or educate our children.  Our children are not required to get any injections nor wear masks.  This freedom of choice extends to all our members.

Learn more about ABeHive's Core Membership Specialty Groups.

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