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Membership Overview

There are three levels of ABeHive membership — Seeds, Flowers, and Pollinators. The Seed level is our basic membership, while Flowers and Pollinators are part of our Core Membership.

ABeHive Membership Model

Basic Membership


ABeHive Seeds.png



Core Membership

Flowers Icon.png
Pollinators Icon.png


We all start as Seeds — infinite seeds of potential, encoded with genetic information, that crack open at our own right time. ABeHive providers support the tender seedling time — there's containment and no rush to do anything more. If and when you are ready to bloom into the fullness of your infinite self, joining the Core membership as a Flower or a Pollinator will be nutritive.Learn more about Seeds and ABeHive's Basic Membership.


Our Flower members thrive in the cross-pollination from our high-level pollinators. Our BeMedicine model of care is the origin point of ABeHive, and sets the high-vibration, buzzing environment that allows us to assist each other through this era shift. Our Flowers are inspiring, diverse, interactive, and populating the new earth. The BeExChange model allows us to explore how to exchange goods, services, childcare, education, and skills in a way that brings us into more of a Gift Economy. This keeps us safe and thriving through global economic shifts while focusing our energy on a new way. We are the ones we've been waiting for.Learn more about the Flower Core Membership.



We practitioners and care providers finally have a space to step fully into our medicine work, and refine and expand our offerings in our our time and way, so we can evolve out of the inherited toxic structures of productivity, institutionalized control, and dictates of what we can and cannot do. We hereby reclaim our sovereign power and right to provide conscious care to all who seek it. We commit to learn, grow, transform, and share so that all who receive our offerings will be catalyzed into their highest and send reverberations of health onto this planet. We are the Pollinators of the new world. Learn more about the Pollinator Core Membership.

Two Simple steps to become a member

  1. Go to the Join page and choose the membership you'd like to sign up for and sign/return the member agreement. 

  2. Pay the annual dues.

Annual Membership Dues


Basic (Seed) Membership: No annual or monthly dues. This opportunity is open to everyone.

Core (Flower) Membership: $144/year per individual (includes your children ages 0–18 as you wish). 

Core (Pollinator) Membership: $177/year per individual (includes your children ages 0–18 as you wish).

Partners and spouses must sign up separately.

No Monthly Donations

Our Core members are encouraged to download the Mighty Networks app and sign up for our private ABeHive community group to access specific groups.  Currently, there are no monthly fees associated with any of our groups:  

  • BeMedicine 

  • BeExChange 

  • BeCooperative & BeYOUth (private groups - for parents only)

  • Mycelium Network (private group - by request only)

  • Pollinators (private group - for pollinators only) 

Membership Cancellation

Cancel your membership anytime through our website. Annual dues are non-refundable but recurring donations can be canceled anytime.  You may also send us an email ( letting us know you’d like to cancel as well.

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