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About ABeHive

You can’t create the new earth template while being constrained to the old rules.


We must step out of the old, malfunctioning, constrictive, collapsing paradigm so we can put both feet solidly on the new path that connects us in more generative ways.   This is the space we created to help each other thrive. 

We are all about creating, supporting, and catalyzing the upward spiral of our individual, collective, planetary, and universal evolution through taking practical, heart-based action. 


We know that the patterns that keep us mired to the old ways of being and relating will keep perpetuating in our lives, including in group organizations, until we clear them. We’re here to help each other do this. With love. Not calling out or belittling.


We are always asking ourselves how can we refine the way we interface with others to inspire this upward movement?


Everything is changing around us so we'll continue to upgrade as well.  


Gift Economy & Currency of Care

We are a donation-based organization, committed to creating a new flow of currency to replace the old exchange of fixed, hard (digital or otherwise) currency.  We very much appreciate receiving your annual membership dues and donations to help us cover our costs, time and gatherings.

We are committed to move from the debt slave system and adapting to the new currents as they emerge.  The Queen of our currency exchange is Care, first and foremost.  When you are a Core member, there is flexibility in what you pay for services and goods.  This brings us into healthy collaboration, balancing what we can currently afford and what honors the care or goods provider.  If you are able to give more at that time or at a later time, you invest on what you want to see grow in the world.  Thank you for energizing the new way with your offerings. 


We all have healing to do in the arena of money and we must respectfully work together through the growing pains of this.  We are on the transition team to the New Earth.  We commit to riding the currents ever upward for the good of All.

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