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Pollinating the New Earth

ABeHive is a connective collective that creates, supports, and contributes to our health, wellbeing, education and the upliftment of human consciousness. 


ABeHive is our sacred, vibrant hive where we live in accordance with our Source connection, nature’s principles, bonds of affection, sovereignty, freedom, transformation and love.  

Is ABeHive for me?


ABeHive is a high-vibrational collective gathered to co-create the template of the new earth.  Local community is how we are going to successfully transition into the new era.  By joining our Hive, you are saying you want to co-create a new way of BEing, living, and caring for each other from the ground up.


To participate, receive care, exchange goods, services, childcare, education and share in any other ABeHive offerings, you must be an active member. Think Costco or food co-op membership. Any donations received when you join as a Core member go right back into supporting our collective.  There is no cost for a basic Seed membership.

When we exchange goods and services within our ABeHive member community, we benefit from the legal framework of being registered as a non-profit member organization (508-c1a).  This means we exercise our inherent freedom and sovereignty to live, gather, work, educate and BE outside of the dictates of the public domain.  What we do in our own living room or our ABeHive space is our private business, protected by law and the United States constitution.  This Hive was founded so we can BE the change we wish to see in the world.

We'd love for you to join our buzzing community!

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